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Welcome to Sweipe

Sweipe is Multi-Purpose WordPress Mobile Theme with many features in one. All pages built with VisualComposer and WordPress customizer helps you to style theme the way you like. You’ll have the best experience by browsing this theme with your mobile device.

[ms_custom_title title=”Features” subtitle=”Some Key Things”]
[ms_icon_info_box title=”Full Mobile Friendly” text=”Tested and validated on most used phones and tablets…” icon_mstudio=”uiicon-tablet41″]
[ms_icon_info_box title=”Documented Coding” text=”Every line of code written with simple logic and documented.” icon_mstudio=”uiicon-document56″]
[ms_icon_info_box title=”Retina Ready” text=”Every graphic looks pixel perfect on capable devices.” icon_mstudio=”uiicon-eye44″]
[ms_icon_info_box title=”Unlimited Colors” text=”Use simple color changer to easily make visual changes.” icon_mstudio=”uiicon-pictures1″]
[ms_icon_info_box title=”Premium Support” text=”Get support directly from the developer in 24 hours!” icon_mstudio=”uiicon-headphone2″]
[ms_icon_info_box title=”Detailed Documentation” text=”Theme contains a detailed documentation file.” icon_mstudio=”uiicon-information32″]
[ms_custom_title title=”Testimonials” subtitle=”Hear From Ohers”]
[ms_testimonials_carousel category=”8″ title=”Title Text 123″ testimonial_category=”8″]
[ms_filterable_portfolio category=”10,11″]